Salome Scheidegger

Pink-haired Japan-born Swiss pianist and arranger living in NYC. I play video game and anime music

Ultimate "Salome & Salichan" Bundle

big bundlez.jpg
big bundlez.jpg

Ultimate "Salome & Salichan" Bundle


This is the ultimate bundle if you're a Salome & Salichan" fan! 

This bundle includes: 

- Salome's entire CD collection: 6 full length albums
(Anthology, Zart, Storytelling - Live, Salome's Envisage, PLAY, Salichan) 
- Salichan Tote Bag (100% Cotton, with Salichan's signature pose in color print)

+ Bonus items:
- Mini album "Dark Little Rooms"
- limited edition "Salome & Salichan: Always with Me" concert poster, signed
- 2 Salichan stickers 

All "Salichan" designs by Creamsherry Art

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