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Pink-haired Japan-born Swiss pianist and arranger living in NYC. I play video game and anime music

New Music Videos (And Sneak Peek From The Upcoming New Album)!

Happy Friday! 

Recently, I've started writing more and more of my own arrangements and have found great joy in doing so. As I've announced a little while ago, I've been working on my next album, featuring all-Studio-Ghibli soundtrack music album, that's supposed to come out later this year. For the first time, this new album will contain many of my own arrangements, along with some other commissioned ones. I'm thrilled to be working on this wonderful music, and thrilled to show it to you when it's done. 

Last week, I finished my arrangement for the song "The Name of Life (Inochi no Namae)" from one of my all time favorite movies "Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi)", and recorded and shot a video for it at my home. It's the first sneak peek for you guys of my new album; this track will be on the release! I'm so excited to show you; the original song is a wonderfully beautiful piece of music, and I've tried my best to capture the feel of it in my piano arrangement. I hope you like it! :-)

A couple weeks before that, I released another one of my own arrangements: "Dearly Beloved" from the hugely popular video game "Kingdom Hearts". I had gotten a bunch of requests to cover that song, so I tried my hand at it. :-)

In other news, I just got some very exciting news about upcoming performances, and will keep you posted! 

Have a great weekend!  

New Music Videos & Other Exciting Projects

Happy (almost almost) beginning of summer! 

Things are buzzing here: the weather has gotten wonderfully summery and warm here in NYC, just the way I like it, and I'm working on a bunch of really exciting projects. 

A new album is on the way!! And this one is very, very dear to my heart. It will be a collection of piano arrangements from Joe Hisaishi's incredible scores to Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli anime movies like Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, etc. I've been a fan of those movies since I was little (My Neighbor Totoro was in fact one of the first movies I recall seeing as a child, and I have since seen it countless times), and the music from the movies brings me back to my childhood every time. I can't wait to share this recording with you when it's done! This time around I'll be adding some of my own arrangements to the mix, something I've just started doing and having a lot of fun with. 

Further, I've been commissioned for the very first time to write my own arrangement of a video game soundtrack piece, which will be featured on a video game music compilation album set to release in December this year! The album will be called "The 8-bit Time Paradox" and will feature 8 different game musicians and their covers of different game songs. I'm really excited to be working on this project and can't wait to show you my finished song! 

I've also started working on a few collaborations with fellow game musicians. I will update you on that very soon. :-) 

In the mean time, below are some of my latest music video releases. I hope you enjoy them!

Thank you for your support always. 


Latest Music Videos

Hi everybody! 

It's been a while since I've posted an update here! I haven't quite been inactive for all this time, though. In the meantime, I've been on European tour with YouTube violinist Taylor Davis, working on a new album, and of course, making music videos! Here are a few of the recent ones I posted on my YouTube channel

The latest one is something I'm very excited about. As you know, I always love to combine music with visuals, especially video art, and I chose to do so with this video. I recorded one of Edvard Grieg's Norwegian Folk Melodies op.66, "Jeg gaar i tusen tanker" ("I Wander Deep in Thought") and in the meantime projected Swiss video artist Annelies Strba's video art on the wall behind me: 

I did my very first recording of one of my own arrangements a little while ago: the opening titles of one of my favorite TV shows "Daredevil":  

"Alex's Melodies of Life" from my latest album PLAY:

New Music Videos on my YouTube Channel

Hello Weekend! 

I'm all packed and about ready to leave for California, where Taylor Davis and I are going to prepare for the European tour that we're going to embark on next week. But before that, I wanted to tell you about two new videos that I recently released on my YouTube channel! 

The first one is a video of "Cohen's Masterpiece" from the video game BioShock. I filmed it in Bali, Indonesia, at the beautiful Nyoman Gunarsa Museum of Classical and Modern Art in Klungkung, Bali, with my family as film crew. :-) 

The newest one is a collaboration with my very talented Swiss filmmaker friend Stephan Knuesel. I've been wanting to show more of my musical roots and where I come from, so I chose a little gem from Felix Mendelssohn's cycle "Songs Without Words" for this video. 

New Music Video Released by Record New York

Filmmaker and fellow Swiss Stephan Knuesel and I recently got together to film a live music video for his YouTube channel Record New York . The main theme from "My Neighbor Totoro" off my latest album "PLAY" has a special place in my heart, and that's why I chose it for this video. 
Stephan and I met up at a little piano shop in DUMBO, Brooklyn NYC, and filmed while customers kept coming in and out of the shop, and construction workers kept working on the street and upstairs in the building. It was a lot of fun nevertheless, and I hope you will enjoy this video! 
For the full article click here

New Music Videos Coming Soon!

Happy New Year! I hope yours has begun grand and happy! 

I myself spent the days around New Year's with my family in Indonesia, on the island of Bali to be precise. Bali has such gorgeous and interesting places that I decided to shoot two music videos there.

Family and friends helped me with filming, finding venues, and getting ready to shoot, so that it all became a pretty fun and unique experience.

My dad was the camera man... 




...and my older brother helped me keep my face fresh during takes; it was incredibly hot during both shoots so my face kept being covered in sweat.



Good friends of my family over there kindly lent me their private garden for filming, and they dressed me in a traditional Balinese dress for one of the videos! 

After the video shoot with Mr. Gusti from the Nyoman Gunarsa Museum , where I got to film one of the two videos. 

I can't wait for the release of the two videos soon. I'll keep you posted! 

New Music Video "Orphée's Return" by Philip Glass

I'm so happy to finally get to share this music video I made together with director William Cusick and cinematographer Bart Cortright ! The piece is from Philip Glass's opera "Orphée" and was arranged by Paul Barnes for his "The Orphée Suite for Piano". 

Ever since I heard the original composition at the Pittsburgh Opera in May 2014, I've been captivated by the haunting melody of this piece. Months later, William approached me with the idea of creating a music video to it, and of course I was all flames for it!  

Here's the result, I hope you like it. :-) 


The filming was a really special experience for me because it actually happened in my own living room!

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes. You might notice my very crowded fridge in the background in the second one...


US Tour with Taylor Davis in Fall 2015!

I'm excited to announce that I'll be accompanying my good friend, violinist Taylor Davis, on her very first tour! We'll be playing in about 20 different cities all over the US from September 29 through October 28.

Check out her announcement below: 

For detailed information about specific dates, cities, and venues, and ticket sales, visit her page

It's going to be a lot of fun, and I can't wait to hit the road with Taylor! Hope to see some of you at one of the concerts! 

Critical Hit performance at Krakow Film Music Festival 2015

I just got back from an incredibly fun trip to Krakow, Poland, where I played a show at the Krakow Film Music Festival with Critical Hit on May 27th! The line-up consisted of Sara Andon (flute), Tina Guo (cello), Caroline Campbell (violin), Kevin Dooley (drums), Aleksander Milwiw-Baron (guitar), Natalia Brzozowska (bass), and Michael Gluck (synth). 

This performance marked Critical Hit's very first international show.

Our friends at the festival did an extraordinary job at producing and programming a video and light show for our concert, and the end product was stunning.  

Here's a video of our performance of "To Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X: 

The audience seemed to really like out show: they gave us a standing ovation at the end. Afterwards we were greeted by many members of the audience asking for signatures and photos. We also got a fun write-up the next day from journalist Ray Bennett. 



After some more panels the next day, some band members and I went to explore the truly beautiful city of Krakow.

What a great festival, what lovely people, and what a beautiful city! I do hope to be back next year! 

Piano Recital at the Swiss Ambassador's Residence in Washington D.C.

Hello friends!

On May 12th, I got to experience something rather special. I had the honor of performing for the Swiss Ambassador to the United States of America in Washington D.C., Martin Dahinden, and his esteemed guests. 


I chose to play Mozart's Piano Sonata in C, KV 545, Chopin's Barcarolle op. 60 as well as two Nocturnes op. 27 No. 2 and op. 62 No. 1.  







The Ambassador's residence is an amazingly beautiful modern building in the heart of D.C..There are movable walls  in order to change the layout of the space to adjust to any event, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the stunning view of the city. 

These posters were laid out everywhere in the residence! 

These posters were laid out everywhere in the residence! 


After my performance there was a lovely reception. Rodrigo, one of the chefs, made this work of art especially in honor of my concert:


Shooting a new music video with Taylor Davis in L.A.

Last week, I headed to Los Angeles to film a music video with my friend, YouTube-violinist Taylor Davis . The duet will be a track on my upcoming video game album and I'm so excited for both to be released in a few weeks! 

I had a great time working with Taylor and the very talented videographer Landon Donoho. The studio we shot at is in the bustling L.A. fashion district. 

Landon filming Taylor and me for the new music video

Landon filming Taylor and me for the new music video

The piano lid fell off! 

The piano lid fell off! 

However, just as we arrived, there was a little mishap with the baby grand piano we had rented: the movers hadn't taken off the lid from the piano, and when they set it down on the floor vertically, the lid fell open onto the floor and cracked the hinges that attached it to the piano... It was a pretty sad sight for a pianist!  





As this accident made filming with an open lid impossible, we had to resort to a closed lid, which thankfully worked out fine and we were able to shoot the video in an afternoon.  

Rehearsing before the shoot

Rehearsing before the shoot

Taylor and I's happy-selfie after the work was done! 

Taylor and I's happy-selfie after the work was done!