Salome Scheidegger

Pink-haired Japan-born Swiss pianist and arranger living in NYC. I play video game and anime music

New "Salichan" Merchandise and a Special Black Friday Sale!

Thanksgiving is near, and so is Black Friday, which means some good deals are ahead! 

I've been so excited to finally release some very special "Salichan" merchandise for the very first time in my webstore, and what better chance to do so than a full week of Black Friday sales? 



As many of you know, my animated sidekick Salichan has recently joined me on my venture through video game and Japanese anime music. She's super cute and loves music just like I do, so she's the perfect partner for me on stage, but I also like to take her around on one the new "Salichan" T-Shirts and tote bags, or as a sticker on anything that needs a little pink haired superpower!

All of the above are now exclusively available on my webstore !




For the occasion, I've also put together a few different bundles for an exclusive special price only available for a limited time: 

If you're a Salichan fan or know someone who is and would be, then you're going to love the "Salichan, Salichan, Salichan!" bundle.
It includes just about all of the brand new merchandise articles plus a limited edition concert poster from my recent world premiere of "Salome & Salichan: Always with Me" that I'll sign for you, as well as my most recent album "Salichan". 



The "Ultimate Salome & Salichan Bundle" is perfect for you if you (or someone you know) want to stock up on piano music and want to carry it all around in a brand new "Salichan" tote bag. It includes my entire album catalog (7 physical CD's), plus the tote bag, a limited edition "Salome & Salichan: always with Me" concert poster that I'll sign, plus the two adorable Salichan stickers. 








Are you a fan of classical music? Then I have the perfect bundle for you: "The Classics" includes all of my classical piano albums (4 full-length physical CD's plus one mini-CD), plus the two adorable Salichan stickers. 








Hopefully you'll find something you or your loved ones like! 
Salichan and I wish you a happy Black Friday/Thanksgiving week. :-)