Salome Scheidegger

Pink-haired Japan-born Swiss pianist and arranger living in NYC. I play video game and anime music

Music Video "Cohen's Masterpiece" surpassed 10'000 views on YouTube!

I just realized that my music video for "Cohen's Masterpiece" from the videogame BioShock surpassed 10'000 views on YouTube recently! SInce I'm a bit of a newbie on YouTube (just started uploading regularly a year ago), this is a big thing for me, haha, even though it might not be for other people. :-D
Thanks to anyone who watches my videos and listens to my music! If you like this, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel "Salome Piano"

PS: we shot this video as a "family matter" almost exactly one year ago in Bali, Indonesia, at a museum for classical and modern Balinese art. There were some strings and keys missing on the piano, and insects had nested inside, since it is basically standing outside in tropical climate all the time. Definitely a memorable shoot. :-P