Salome Scheidegger

Pink-haired Japan-born Swiss pianist and arranger living in NYC. I play video game and anime music

New Music Videos Coming Soon!

Happy New Year! I hope yours has begun grand and happy! 

I myself spent the days around New Year's with my family in Indonesia, on the island of Bali to be precise. Bali has such gorgeous and interesting places that I decided to shoot two music videos there.

Family and friends helped me with filming, finding venues, and getting ready to shoot, so that it all became a pretty fun and unique experience.

My dad was the camera man... 




...and my older brother helped me keep my face fresh during takes; it was incredibly hot during both shoots so my face kept being covered in sweat.



Good friends of my family over there kindly lent me their private garden for filming, and they dressed me in a traditional Balinese dress for one of the videos! 

After the video shoot with Mr. Gusti from the Nyoman Gunarsa Museum , where I got to film one of the two videos. 

I can't wait for the release of the two videos soon. I'll keep you posted!